Friday, September 02, 2005

The SPCA Needs Foster Homes

Good morning individuals. Here is something from somebody in charge of SPCA volunteers. If you can't foster an animal, perhaps you can donate food or blankets or whatever.

Dear SPCA Volunteers,

As you know, the SPCA is stepping in to help with the animals rescued fromLousiana. As of right now, we are at full capacity with our shelters. To continue helping these families, we will be holding foster trainings begining tonight through the weekend for anyone who can foster. If you are interested, you will need to RSVP. Keep in mind you may have these animals from 30-60 days. The classes are as follows:
Sept 1 at 7:30pm Mckinney
Sept 2 at 9am Mckinney
Sept 2 at 9am Dallas
Sept 2 at 12noon McKinney
Sept 2 at 2noon Dallas
Sept 3 at 5pm McKinney
Sept 4 at 11am Dallas
Sept 4 at 5pm McKinney
Sept 4 at 6pm McKinney

In addition, any of you who do TLC in McKinney can ask the adoptionsupervisors manager about helping them with animals housed on site from therescue. They will need to get out and be socialized also. If you or anyone you know can donate items for the animals, that would be great! Donations can be dropped off at any our of shelter locations.Examples of items are towels, blankets, food, etc..Last- I am waiting on confirmation from the shelter managers regarding the Labor day holiday. Our dept will get this to you today! Thank you all for being patient with me. If you need anything, call my cell214.507.9881~


Blogger Bean said...

I saw a short report on TV last night where this woman handed her baby to someone as she was getting on the bus, and was then pushed off the bus before it left, without her baby. She cried and pleaded for help and eventually, a police officer saw her and helped her out. He put her and her other kid in the back of HIS OWN car and drove her out of town towards TX. It was a good example of a person helping another person, and it seems like a lot more of that could be done. Maybe there arent enough busses - but surely there's some SUVs and minivans in somebodys garage that could make a few trips.

But anyway, the relation this has to your post is as follows: When the cop loaded the lady and her kid up, he also loaded their giant dog into the back seat. Great, how cute. But why in the world didn't he grab two more people instead? I mean, I love animals, even dogs, but dogs aint people.

12:36 PM  
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Where is Larry? I need a good urine story to make me laugh.

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I tell you what, This post is getting funnier every 100th time I read it.

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so, how was the buttonface?

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