Friday, February 06, 2004

My Visit to the Black-Eyed Pea with "Eugena" and Some Other People...

With an After-word Written by a Witness to the Heinous Assault Described Below

In general the Black-Eyed Pea Restaurant isn’t a place I would choose to eat. However, on a certain beautiful day turned ugly, I decided that there was no other place I’d rather eat (fish). That day not even the sickening thought of slow-cooked pot roast or shepherd’s pie coming into contact with my plate of fish and two vegetables of my choice (macaroni & cheese and french fries) could keep me away! That’s because this was my chance to make merry with my close friend and colleague, "Eugena" and some other people.

"Eugena" had grilled chicken and vegetables. The other people had chicken fried steak and chicken fingers. The chicken fried steak was huge!

After our fish and grilled chicken and chicken fried steak and chicken fingers plus rolls and cornbread, we headed toward the Black-Eyed Pea door. As is usual, I held the door for "Eugena" and some other people, and then quickly ran to the head of the pack in order to open the car doors for all of the female passengers. (I just think that’s the right thing to do.) As I approached the vehicle, I began hearing someone running up from behind – clippity cloppity, clippity cloppity. Then, I started crying as "Eugena" began kicking and punching me all over – TOTALLY UNPROVOKED! The next and last thing I remember prior to waking up at the hospital is falling in a heap into the Black-Eyed Pea parking lot.

Witness’ Account of the Events after Larry Feathers Began to Cry

If Larry had any thought of defending himself, they were spoiled by how hard he was crying. It was truly pathetic. "Eugena" had no sympathy and stayed relentless! I’ve never seen somebody with the capacity to stay so mean even after her victim was so soundly beaten. The only other person I’ve heard about with that kind of a mean streak is the notorious auditor "Vickie" (GS-9).