Monday, May 31, 2004

Austin Preview

Happy Memorial Day!

This Tuesday through Friday I get to work in Austin. I'll be staying at the Embassy Suites near the Arboretum. It will be good to stay at the Embassy Suites (ES), but you should know, Reader, that reserving a room was no easy task.

A couple of weeks ago, several of my colleagues stayed in the ES. In case you don't know, the ES offers a free happy hour. When I called to book a room for this week, they told me that they no longer honor the government rate. I asked why, and they explained that one particular government employee - a GS-11 who I'll refer to as "Lisa" - nearly drank the ES out of business during a recent stay. The ES forced me to promise not to take advantage of the happy hour before they'd allow me to make a reservation! That's no problem for me, because I'll be far too busy spending my idle hotel time working on my workpapers to do any drinking (just seems kind of like the right thing to do).

The good news is that a guy I work with who I'll refer to as "Alan" wrote up a very detailed chronicle of "Lisa"'s degeneration at the ES Austin Arboretum. As soon as I'm able, I'll post "Alan"'s "Lisa Chronicles" for your amusement (or dismay).

1. Work with Vickie to complete the planning section of our working papers.
2. Play baseball with some good kids that I know.
3. Go to Miniature Golf and Pizza.
4. Eat meat at the County Line.
5. Have dessert at the Driskill and re-make friends with Diana - the girl who wears a t-shirt about meatloaf in public (on 6th St. even!).
6. Buy some of that good tea from the convenience store across from the Driskill.
7. Bowling!
8. Watch scrapbooking club
9. Other

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Robert (in a wig) and Albert Posted by Hello

Hi Erik. This picture of Robert and Albert is per your request.

Welcome to fun!

Hi everybody. Thanks for coming to my web log. This ought to be a place you bookmark, on account of I plan on having some really good adventures very soon. For example, today I'm going over to the airport and then to eat some spaghetti. Stay tuned for details!

May I recommend to anyone driving through Salado, Texas a place called Robertson's? They specialize in the finest dehydrated meats around. PLUS THEY HAVE REALLY EXCELLENT SMOKED CHEESES!

Over the next several weeks get ready to read about some adventures from: Austin, Buffalo, Louisville, San Antonio, New Orleans, Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater, West Palm Beach, San Antonio, and New Orleans. It's hard to imagine what's going to happen! If you have any advice about things to do or eat while in any of those locales, please, let me hear from you! I don't like Asian food or hot dogs.

Hello friends! Posted by Hello